RE: UI issue: Text edit mode

On Friday, 17 August 2007 Lars Clausen wrote:
On Mon, 2007-08-13 at 11:25 +0930, Young, Robert wrote:
A quick survey of the tools I often use : Inkscape uses the double 
click approach. MS Word uses a mixture - double click for 
WordArt and 
the existing Dia approach for text boxes - this is 
inconsistent. GIMP 
requires selection of Text Tool and then single click.  Windows 
explorer uses the click once, click again approach for 
renaming files. 
Nautilus requires <f2> or right click -> Rename. JGraphPad 
uses double 
click to edit text object. So, there's no "standard" except that the 
use of the mouse is common.

Anyone know what Visio, Omnigraffle and other more Dia-like 
programs do?

Visio 2003 - double click to edit text. Also, if object is selected,
typing starts text edit mode - one of your suggestions. Both of these
would work very well in Dia.

I see no reason why starting text edit should not involve the 
keyboard, given that editing usually involves the keyboard 
right afterwards.

Agreed. Also having a mouse based method will satisfy beginners, and
people like me who are more mouse focused. 

I am concerned for the obviousness - I have always felt that the GIMP
lacked obviousness in some basic operations. It would be if Dia used the
obvious operations wherever possible - the question should be posed
"what would a beginner try if they wanted to edit the text?".


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