Re: Ugly print result on Windows

On 01.08.2007 15:12, Lars Ruoff wrote:
Maybe it's only a Windows issue? 
Maybe a GTK issue?
No. Gtk printing support is much more recent than Dia's win32 printing
What i wonder is why this bug stays open for a such long period of time?
Because no one cared enough to completly fix it. And it is not that simple,
see eg.:
but also:

The whole program is rather useless when you cannot print out diagrams
Don't get me wrong, but this limitation really sucks!
It's the only thing that keeps me off from using Dia more seriously.
Please put the fixing of this thing to higher priority.

You can do that yourself by providing a working patch. But almost cetainly
not by complaining louder. You know: it is all open source.

The code in question is in

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