Ugly print result on Windows

Hello List,

I have given Dia/Win32 a try several times now since a couple of years with
several versions.
I'm currently using the latest 0.96.1-7 on Windows XP SP2.
The problem with Dia in all this verisons is: When i print out diagrams, the
result is ugly and very different from the on-screen layout. Text flows over
box boundaries, lines don't start at exact boundaries as they were
positioned in the diagam etc.
I suppose this is a known issue (i wasn't in the mood to register on
Bugzilla to verify that).
Maybe it's only a Windows issue? Maybe a GTK issue?
What i wonder is why this bug stays open for a such long period of time?
The whole program is rather useless when you cannot print out diagrams
Don't get me wrong, but this limitation really sucks!
It's the only thing that keeps me off from using Dia more seriously.
Please put the fixing of this thing to higher priority.

Best regards,
Lars Ruoff

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