properties dialog and grouped objects


Although the current work on setting properties for grouped objects is
coming along fine, I bumped into two problems:

1) For some objects (UML class, for example), the properties dialog is
way too big. I found the following bug in bugzilla ...

But this is not it. This bug talks about a dialog box that retains it
size when opened again for a different object. My problem is that the
dialog box itself is so big in the first place, that I can't reach the
OK and other buttons. The dialog is also not resizable.

2) This problem quickly gets compounded when setting properties of
grouped objects. Since we currently use a union, the list can grow
quickly. Try grouping a simple Line with a UML Class. The resulting
list of properties of list is way too long, even longer than the
properties dialog for only the UML Class, since the latter uses tabs.

Should (1) be submitted as a new bug? I couldn't find a relevant one
in bugzilla.

And (2) implies a need for a lot of reorganisation in properties.
There was some suggestion on the group properties bug regarding this.
I think that will have to be thought out and implemented if group
properties are to be of use other than just for simple groups of
simple objects.

Research Scholar, Department of CSE, IIT Bombay

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