Re: dynamic tool locking

Thanks for your answers! The text and the shift solutions worked very well.

(btw. The reason I didn't notice separate Paste Text: Usually in Win32 copypaste is control/field focus specific in applications, so if you paste when edit box is active, you get a paste to the edit box... I'm not sure in what kind of scenario someone would like to paste text if no text edit field is axtive, but maybe I'm not following what's happening in other OSs so I might be wrong as well)


p.s. some shortcut for default select tool would be nice (as someone said)

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On Mon, 2006-10-23 at 16:10 +0300, Jani Kajala wrote:
Is it possible to select tool locking dynamically?

(What I mean is that, for example, by holding down Ctrl while clicking
tool would lock it)

Yes, hold down Shift while clicking the tool.  Or press Space to return
to the most recently selected tool.


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