Re: compiling with win32 mscv6

On Fri, 2006-10-27 at 00:23 +0200, Andreas Owen wrote:

I'm trying to build dia because I want to make some uml2-extensions but 
I'm not getting far. I'm new to C so I could use some help and would be 

Following steps I haven't succeded to do according to the Dokumentation 
(compiling dia for win32):

13. Add LIBART_CFLAGS to make.msc

14. Download 
and unzip to $TOP.   (I downloaded but it didn't 
have much in it.)

For your first attempts at compiling, use the release sources (0.95.1,
or CVS tag DIA_0_95_1) rather than CVS, then you're less likely to run
into problems caused by our half-finished exteriments.  Other than that,
Hans will have to help you on compilation details.


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