Re: Show accelerator keys in toolbox (patch)

On Mon, 2006-10-23 at 20:55 +0200, jan uos de wrote:
Hi there!

I hacked a little bit on the dia source code to add a small detail that
I think will help new users to get used to accelerator keys much faster
and also avoid potential confusion.

Currently accelerator keys for the tools are only listed in the menu. I
think users would expect to see these accelerator keys also mentioned in
the tooltip that is associated with the tool in the toolbox. Otherwise
one could get the impression, that there is no accelerator key at all
and it's also much easier to look up the accelerator key if you don't
yet memorized them.

Looking at the source, I noticed that the list of tool descriptions is
duplicated in app/menus.c and app/interface.c. Following that structure,
I unfortunately had to duplicate the accelerator key information as
well. Maybe one would want to restructure this part, but I didn't feel
familiar enough with the dia source to attempt that.

Thanks for your patch.  It looks good enough for me.  The best way to do
it would be to somehow find the corresponding menu items and get the
accelerators out of there, but I think that's not worth the effort.  I
have applied it.


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