Re: Fix bug #144394 and win USD 100

Steffen Macke wrote:

I think you would open a lot of doors to a lot more developers if you
could provide a mingw kit so dia could be compiled on Windows without
needing Microsoft tools.

I thought those people who know how to operate MinGW also have a copy
of Linux around to do some development. But you are right, I think that a
MinGW port would be a good thing. Unfortunately, I guess that only people
with a lot of experience with these issues like Tor or Hans will be
able to solve
the problems. Like you, I gave up on this and bought the MSVC copy...
BTW: I also had problems with the MSVC compilation at the beginning. But
things definitely got easier over the last years.

Lars, Hans, what do you think about financing MSVC 6 copies for developers that
are interested and submit some patches? I got mine through Ebay and we should
be able to pay these things from the donation account.

Also, Windows/Mac developers are much more comfortable with Subversion
than CVS because TortoiseSVN makes life so easy. No command lines to

I think I can help you with this one: Try TortoiseCVS, which was the father of
TortoiseSVN, if I understood things correctly:


I'll check that out :)



But again, I have to agree to you, I prefer Subversion over CVS
especially when it comes
to checking in binary files like PNGs and moving them from LINUX to Win32 or
vice versa.


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