Re: Fix bug #144394 and win USD 100

Steffen Macke wrote:
Hello All,

Dia has received quite an amount of donations over the past
months (A big thanks to Tim Bogie who is doing the majority of
the donations).

This puts us in a position where we can offer USD 100 for the one
who provides a fix of bug 144394:

The payment can be made through Paypal.

If you are a developer and would like to receive some monetary rewards
for fixing other bugs or implementing things, please put your proposals

Other ideas how to burn the money are also welcome.


I think you would open a lot of doors to a lot more developers if you could provide a mingw kit so dia could be compiled on Windows without needing Microsoft tools.

Also, Windows/Mac developers are much more comfortable with Subversion than CVS because TortoiseSVN makes life so easy. No command lines to remember. Once you use a gui for the repository you never look back.

BTW thanks for trying to help me get Dia compiling in MinGW a month or so ago. I nearly got there but had to give up because it was too hard and my hair was falling out.



Happy Coding!

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