Re: font problem with the dia export in eps

On Wed, 2006-09-27 at 18:46 +0200, Renaud De Landtsheer wrote:
Dear list, 
I am using DIA for diagram drawing for insertion into a huge report 
(my thesis actually). 

The procedure I follow is: 
1: draw the stuff with Dia
2: export in .eps
3: include with the \includegraphics command. 

The point is that when I do this, the text size is somewhat off. 
This is mentionned in the FaQ under the section: 
"How do I make Dia use PostScript fonts instead of Pango rendering? "

It seems that dia always select Postscript fonts, which are "slightly
off" and cause the problem I have. 

There is good news for you, in that the CVS code now adjusts the letter
placement slightly to avoid the text being off problem.  However, it
does still require that you stick with the "standard 14" postscript
fonts, as nobody has made a good partial font embedding code bit for Dia

So I ask the reverse question, 
"How do I make Dia use Pango rendering instead of PostScript fonts?"

There is only one export filter in my version of Dia, that is the -latin-1
one. My version of Dia is 0.95-1. 

If you're under Windows, I believe that's your only choice.  Under
Unix/Linux, you will need to have Freetype2 installed and pangoft2,
which might not be the default depending on installation.


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