Re: font problem with the dia export in eps

Dear Renaud,

In the export window you can chose the export format in a drop-down menu. There is one entry for eps with latin-1 postscript fonts and another entry for eps with pango fonts.

Hope this answers your question; see you on monday.

dia-list-request gnome org wrote:
Dear list, I am using DIA for diagram drawing for insertion into a huge report (my thesis actually). The procedure I follow is: 1: draw the stuff with Dia
2: export in .eps
3: include with the \includegraphics command. The point is that when I do this, the text size is somewhat off. This is mentionned in the FaQ under the section: "How do I make Dia use PostScript fonts instead of Pango rendering? "

It seems that dia always select Postscript fonts, which are "slightly
off" and cause the problem I have. So I ask the reverse question, "How do I make Dia use Pango rendering instead of PostScript fonts?"

There is only one export filter in my version of Dia, that is the -latin-1
one. My version of Dia is 0.95-1.
Renaud De Landtsheer

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