Re: 2 questions in 2 days

On Thu, 2006-03-30 at 11:39 -0600, Jim Clark wrote:
Greetings folks....

Still on .94 still on RH. Wondered about something else.

I am the guy using Dia inside IBM for a big project. I am making
flowcharts, someone else is too. I explained the Group function to
this person, and they grouped a bunch of things and then exported to
png. This apparently does not work. The exported png is very small,
with weird sizes to text. I took their .dia file, ungrouped and
exported, and just fine.

Was this known? I did not see anything on the FAQ and do not remember
ever reading about this before.

I can post these on my web site if there's something weird going on.

Sounds like the well-known font cache bug that makes text semi-randomly
change size.  Or is the whole PNG, including non-text objects, small?
That would be new.  Never heard of grouping affecting the size before.


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