Re: 2 questions in 2 days

Yes the whole png was very small.

And after playing with this some more, it was not the grouping. In order not to mess the original I just copied everything into a new window. Did the ungrouping and when I exported it worked. I assumed grouping was the problem. Until I ungrouped the original and exported it and got a messy png. Somehow these files, which look fine inside dia, when exported to png come out quite messy. Very small image. Fonts splattered all over. I have exported many (hundreds?) of my own without ever having this problem.

The originator of these files created them on Windows and did the export on Windows. But others she has made work just fine. So I do not know what the problem is.

Example: I took original.dia, exported to png. dimensions: 397 x 499 pixels. ctrl-a, ctrl-c of original.dia into original2.dia, exported to png, crop to exact same content, dimensions: 993 x 1246 pixels, 2.5 times the size. And original.png is illegible, with fonts all weird. original2.png looks just as it should.


Jim Clark

> Greetings folks....
> Still on .94 still on RH. Wondered about something else.
> I am the guy using Dia inside IBM for a big project. I am making
> flowcharts, someone else is too. I explained the Group function to
> this person, and they grouped a bunch of things and then exported to
> png. This apparently does not work. The exported png is very small,
> with weird sizes to text. I took their .dia file, ungrouped and
> exported, and just fine.
> Was this known? I did not see anything on the FAQ and do not remember
> ever reading about this before.
> I can post these on my web site if there's something weird going on.

Sounds like the well-known font cache bug that makes text semi-randomly
change size.  Or is the whole PNG, including non-text objects, small?
That would be new.  Never heard of grouping affecting the size before.


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