Re: Prerelease 5

On Wed, 2006-03-15 at 10:52 -0300, loli wrote:
I am sorry  to have just noted a problem with prerealeases of version 0.95. 
about not translated sheet's names. 
I use (and other people with me) some personal sheets in .dia/sheet. 
For example, ./dia/sheets/Termico,sheet with two lines:   
 <name>Thermal circuit</name> 
 <name xml:lang="es">Circuito Termico</name> 
So up to version 0.94 Dia's main menu offered 
               Thermal circuit      in an English environment 
               Circuito Termico     in a Spanish environment 
But version 0.95 (prereleases) offer 
               Thermal circuit      in both environment 
It would be good if it can be fixed. But I dont want to delay much more the 
new version. It has so many nice new features! Thanks a lot for so much 

That probably has to do with the use-i18n-only-for-display fix I made.
I guess it does require the translated name to be in .po, which wouldn't
be the case for homegrown sheets.  Fix was as simple as I thought,
then:( It never is.


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