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On Wed, 8 Mar 2006 13:13:19 +0100, Gomes Ludermir, P. (Pablo) wrote  
Dear all,  
I have searched the mailing list archive but I could not find any   
kind of answer to my following question. I would like to draw some   
feature diagrams for domain modelling as in the following document   
(see Figure 1):  
How can I develop my own diagram? Or does anyone know if such kind of  
diagram has been already developed for DIA?  
If you plan to make  feature diagrams just to be seen, it is not too  
difficult :  
We have the rectangles in the Flow Chart sheet; the triangle (empty or  
filled) in the assorted sheet; and the lines with empty or filled dot.  
Those rectangles admit an identification and they resize to always adapt to   
the text.  
lines can easily be  "connected" to the rectangles: You move a rectangle and  
the lines follow it.  
It is  more difficult to put the triangles and  get them to look right . and  
they are not  conected to the rest.  
I have made an example.  I send a "preliminary" diagram (Feature1.dia) with 
rectangles well connected,   and the "final" one (Feature2.dia)  
( I did not pretend to make a very good work..).  Hope they help to make you 
like Dia. 
But if you want to be more confortable with the trianges or are  thinking of  
automatically interpret the feature diagram, yow would need a new element  
(triangle with two prolonged lines) with trhee handles. I think it needs to  
be C-programmed.   
Best Regards,  
Pablo Gomes Ludermir  
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