RE: Shapes for 1U rack-mount servers

I have propose to lars a shape type which could answer at your problem but I now answer of him for the moment.
I think that all update of dia use many time.
Thank lars if you have a little time to look my objects

From: Martin Gleadow <jez arafel org uk>
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Subject: Shapes for 1U rack-mount servers
Date: Sat, 11 Mar 2006 17:43:20 +0000

I have recently started using Dia to document network architectures and have found it highly useful. However, when it came to documenting a rack full of 1U servers I couldn't find any shapes that really fitted my needs so decided to create some. I am reasonably happy with the way they have turned out (and I learned a fair bit about the Dia shape format in the process).

You can download them from where you can also preview them in icon form.

Feedback and comments welcome.

I have the following notes and observations on them:

* They are 2D only since this was easier for me to create and frankly there is little point in seeing the rest of a rack-mount server

* I have created different designs based on the different servers I needed to document - I figured that if I needed to document the type of server it was better to do so diagrammatically rather than add a text label to each one

* There is no internationalization in any of the files

* Icons are 80 pixels wide as they were too small to see at 40px

I drew the shapes in Dia and exported them as .shape files, using Gimp to tidy up .png's where necessary. The only problem I encountered here was the addition of heavy black lines to the shape file - I manually edited these and removed 'path' elements which appeared to be causing the problems.

I initially used 160px icons with the idea that there would be one icon per line in the menu - however I couldn't get this to work. Is there something which needs to be done to the .sheet file to tidy the menu?

As an aside, is there an easy way to add a colour fill to the Sunfire v120 shape created by the intersection of the bezier lines with the edge of the rectangle? If this is unclear I can provide a rendering of what I would like to do.

A nice feature may be to improve the shape-creation mechanisms within Dia to make it really easy to add shapes created from within the program.

Finally, thank you to all who have worked to make this tool, it is fast becoming one of the key items of software in my job.



Martin Gleadow
jez arafel org uk

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