Goals for 0.96

So while the last bugs (hopefully) are being beaten out of 0.95, it's a
good time to look at what may happen in 0.96.  The TWiki page
http://faemalia.org/wiki/view/Technical/Dia10 has my goals for version
1.0, and I figure if I pick two of those, set myself a milestone of one
per month, then go to 0.96 release test, there's a better chance that
this will actually get done (imagine, a new release within a few

The two I'm considering right now are:

1) A different handling of groups -- see
http://faemalia.org/wiki/view/Technical/GroupDisconnect.  This is pretty
straightforward and has several obvious advantages (as discussed on the
page -- please do comment on it!)

2) Rotation of text elements.  While I'd love to have generic rotation
for everybody, see
http://faemalia.org/wiki/view/Technical/RotationAndScaling for why it's
not trivial.  In the interim, I figure text is the thing that would be
the most usable to have rotatable, and it's easy to do without breaking
all manner of things.  At the same time, it forces us to think about the
lower-level aspects of rotation without having to deal with all manner
of different objects.

These are just my current preferences.  I can be swayed to other
opinions by eloquent arguments, concise design proposals, or large
amounts of money:)

I'm of course not going to ignore people who sit down and implement some
of the other ideas, though I recommend bouncing designs off of the list
first.  This does gives an explicit focus for those who may want to
contribute to a faster next release:  Help me on the two points that are
the focus of the next release, and it will come all the faster.


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