Pre4 and Close Diagram's Dialog

With version 0.94 an previous ones ther is a very tiny problem with Close 
Diagrams' Dialog. I have not tested it in Pre4 but may be it is still there.  
 It has 3 buttons: 
     Cancel (with underlined C) 
     Discard Changes (no underlined character) 
     Save (with S underlined) 
  There is no way of choosing "Discard Changes" by pressing keys. 
  grep msgid.*Discard.Changes *.po|less 
  I found there are just 42 .po files wiyh "Discard Changes" 
                      and 9 .po files with  "_Discard Changes"    
That message is used by app/display.c    
I beleive (but i am not sure!) all the -po file shoud have  the same 
"_Discard Changes" and should have the corresponding msgstr with  
an "_" in some place.  
loli unsa edu ar 

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