Re: Using MetaPost output in pdflatex...

it is: "file type": "LaTeX PGF macros (*.tex)"
but maybe it is not yet compiled into your version. However the pgf
output plug-in is in the CVS-tree or in the last snapshots at
and you can recompile it yourself.

I've downloaded a recent CVS snapshot, and am trying to compile it on
Debian.  I'm running into a variety of problems depending on exactly how I
progress.  I'm probably doing a few things wrong.  I may be missing some
libraries, but I'm not always sure of the appropriate name to apt-get vs.
what's listed on the web site.

Could someone who complies snapshots on Debian give me a few clues?  Does
anyone offer a compiled Debian package of the snapshots?

I have MetaPost working well except for font sizes.  It seems to me the font
scaling calculation for MetaPost is messed up.  In order for fonts to appear
in LaTeX in a reasonable size, they have to be very very small in Dia.

I'm pursuing the CVS snapshot because I think I've seen some comments about
LaTeX/MetaPost font handling being improved in the shapshot version.

Also (though this may belong in another thread), I've downloaded the Python
plug-in for working with object group properties.  How do I get Dia to
recognize & use this plug-in?

Thanks in advance,


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