Re: 0.95-pre1 uploaded

On 12.02.2006 19:01, Lars Clausen wrote:
I've just uploaded the first prerelease of version 0.95 to
Thanks for doing this. I planned to do it this weekend as well
but was dragged away with other interesting stuff.

Please go ahead and try
it, and hopefully Steffen can put a Win32 version out soon.  We're
particularly interested in people who can reproduce bugs in 0.94 to see
if they can reproduce them in 0.95 too.  Note that GTK 2.6 is required
to compile.

At the same time we're having string freeze, so no changing strings
unless absolutely necessary for fixing a bug.

Unless there are serious bugs open still, 0.95 will go out next weekend.

Although I'm pretty confident in the stability of our current code base
I'd like less of a hurry here. Could we please try to follow our own
document ( )

A settle time of at least about two weeks looks much more reasonable to
me. Otherwise we could just do a 0.95 *now* followed by a series of
brown bag releases ;)

Also it appears as if there are no traces of 0.95-pre1 in the ChangeLog
nor in the NEWS file. Or am I missing something?


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