Re: Modifying UML Class Shape

On Fri, 2006-01-27 at 16:16 +0000, Leitch, David wrote:

I would like to have a shape which has associated attributes and also a fixed number of connection points.
Can this be done by creating a new shape or perhaps modifing the UML Class Shape to do three things.

1) Change the number of available connection points.
2) Label these connection points with text.
3) Be able to determine which points are connected in the diagram.

Depends on what you want the attributes to "do".  If they are to work
like the attributes in the UML class, you cannot make it with a shape,
but have to do C coding.  You do *not* want to modify the UML Class
shape - it's a horrible hack in many ways.  Adding and removing
connection points is not *too* hard, several nicely-behaving objects do
it.  The text part depends a lot on where it should go, how complex the
text is, and how it should be editable.  We do not yet have a really
good way to handle lists of attributes like in the UML class.


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