Re: enhanced postscript

Thanks for your answer. You are doing a really good job with Dia right now and I'm sure you'll find an appropriate solution for an enhanced text entry system.


Lars Clausen schrieb:
On Sun, 2006-08-20 at 12:28 +0200, Thorsten Hehn wrote:

several days ago I asked something about text windows and the 
possibility of implementing subscript letters in Dia.

I wonder if enhanced postscript functionality is not implemented at the 
moment, like it is e.g. in gnuplot? In gnuplot, I can type V_{in}, where 
the {in} is being converted into subscript letters when the plot is 
exported in enhanced postscript mode. I tried this with Dia, but the 
subscript text appears as typed before in the eps file.

I'm not an postscript expert, so of course I don't know anything about 
implementing this functionality and the possible drawbacks...

Until now I have created some simple electrical circuit diagrams with 
Dia and I really like the easy and intuitive handling. The program would 
be nearly perfect if the subscript funktionality would be implemented.

The same wish has been stated several times for TeX and LaTeX.  Apart
from the practicalities of having a number of different interpreters the
main problem is finding out the size of the result for determining boxes
etc.  One way to do that would be to make call-outs to external programs
that can create appropriate bitmaps, in which case I would have no
problem letting people define their own TeX, EPS, SVG or whatever

We are hoping to move towards a more advanced text input system that
uses real GtkEntry widgets, but there's a ways to go there yet.  With
those, we could conceivably do whatever markup GTK allows for its text


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