Re: Two crashers in current CVS

On Wed, 2006-08-16 at 01:28 +0200, Michael Duelli wrote:

after checking out dia from CVS which must have been a week since I
did this the last time, I stumbled across two reproducible bugs which
will make dia crash.

This one might be new, as I know that it worked not long ago:
Simply group something and then try to ungroup it. For me it will
always crash.

The other bug might be older, when opening a file, which actually does
not exist anymore, from the "recently used" menue, dia will also
reproducibly crash.

Hope you can confirm this.

Absolutely, those were two stupid null-pointer dereference bugs.  Thanks
for noticing and letting me know.

BTW, I get a mysterious error message on each startup of dia, which I
am not sure about, I have on another PC at university, will have to
check tomorrow. Here it is:

Plugin Â/usr/local/lib/dia/ could
not be loaded /usr/local/lib/dia/ undefined symbol:
Any ideas?

Well, the newgroup object got moved out of the Misc directory, so
conceivably some cache info may have gotten the compiler confused.  Try
make distclean && ./ && ./configure && make
and see if that doesn't improve it.


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