wrong text position after eps conversion

Hi all,

I'm using Dia v0.95-1 on Windows XP Prof. for designing some simple circuit diagrams for my diploma thesis. As I work with pdfTeX, I convert the .dia files into .eps and run epstopdf in order to convert them into .pdf format. Everything works fine, except one thing: The Position of text in the output .eps and .pdf files does not exactly correspond to the position in the .dia file. I observed this problem as there is no opprtunity to enter subscript characters and so I usually create a second text window with the subscript text and move it to the right position. Additionally, it seems to me that the discrepancy is not constant over the diagram sheet. Is there something like a workaround for this problem? It's very annoying to move text boxes and view the result several times until the appropriate position is found.

Thanks in advance.


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