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W32 has the same sort of crashes from deformed shape files.  A cleaner exit would be nice.  Cleaner deveopment of custom shapes is what I am waiting for most of all.  I don't have the programming knowledge to deal with shape design or make it better, so all I can do is complain.  Sorry.

I do like DIa a lot and use for a variety of tasks.  But making and using my own shapes...time spent doing that is just way too unproductive.


On 10/22/05, Hans Breuer <hans breuer org> wrote:
On 21.10.2005 22:41, Nick Moore wrote:
> I am trying to add a set of shapes to Dia, namely the Gane and Sarson
> shapes. I've added two easily enough, but the third one is giving me hassle.
> Dia always crashes when I run this shape file. Could you have a look at
> it? Is it my XML? Is it too complex to be run in Dia? I've tried
> breaking it down, but it didn't seem to help. I've included a png to
> show what the object should look like.
The error message given:

** ERROR **: file boundingbox.c: line 230: aasertion failed(pts[0].type == BEZ_MOVE_TO)

has the right hint when compared to your SVG's second path:

<svg:path d="V 0,7 H 8,7 V 8,3 z" style="fill: default"/>

Looking at the SVG specification:

'A path data segment must begin with a "moveto" command.'

Yes, your XML is wrong. Sure Dia could complain better, i.e. give a little more explicit
hint and not just exit.

> I'm sorry if I've submitted this to the wrong place. I could add it to
> Bugzilla, but I felt that it was probably me at fault rather than Dia
> itself.
Adding this to bugzilla wouldn't hurt in any case. That way you would
increase the probability of having a better error handling in an
upcoming version.

> Any help would be welcome, I'm trying to prove to my friends that my
> project can be done on Linux (SuSE 10.0, if it's important).
Dia is running on win32 as well, if that matters :-)


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