Re: Making plugins

On Fri, 2005-03-18 at 11:03 +0100, clement begue wrote:
Hi again!
I've made a very simple diagram of what it shoud be. It is not nice, it is
just how it could work. It is not the way it should look like, because it will
be based on some kind of standard.

I see what you're trying to do.  Given how the components are placed,
probably connecting them in the middle would work best.  

Don't spend too much time on that, I got all the time I need to do it,
document it, document about making plugins and all. I should begin by
documenting (in french and then in english) how to make the kind of plugins I
need and then go on to programming. As I have never used Gtk and his friends
before, it should take some time, I'm actually learning all that, it's full of

With a little luck, you shouldn't have to use Gtk to do this.  You can
just have the board object expand the way UML objects do with attributes
and operations, possibly with a minimum number of connections.

The connectors should always be inside the board, so I'll look about
When the board is too small, it should enlarge to carry up more connectors. I
don't know yet about size of all this, but allowing to resize it could make
strange things. The connections between boards and subsubsystems should have a
special aspect, maybe I will have to make some special kind of zigzagline. We
will be adding some sets of shapes, but it should mostly be specific shapes
for the systems we make, so, not useful for anyone, but I'll hand those that
should be reusable (and not "classified" ;) ) or have interesting code for
future dynamic shapes.

Sounds good, I'm looking forward to seeing what comes of it.  And don't
hesitate to ask questions.

Just don't copy the Gtk stuff from UML!


Lars Clausen <lars raeder dk>

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