Future developement, GtkUIManager XML Question?

The below extract from Bugzilla suggests the possibility of moving to
The API describes GtkUIManager as "Constructing menus and toolbars from an
XML description".

I'm just wondering if we were to move to an XML system for the user
interface why not go the next step and use Glade like Gnumeric and Abiword

Presumably there are downsides I'm not seeing but it isn't obvious
to me so please do let me know.

- Alan

Subject: [Bug 137734] "Standard" toolbar, New, Save, Print, Help, etc

------- Additional Comments From hans breuer org  2005-02-12 12:10 -------
Yeah, just using modern gtk+ API should help:


[The GIMP 2.2 is relying on it so it should be quite useable,
if anyone is interested to put work into it;]

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