Re: Future developement, GtkUIManager XML Question?

Alan Horkan sagde:

The below extract from Bugzilla suggests the possibility of moving to
The API describes GtkUIManager as "Constructing menus and toolbars from an
XML description".

I'm just wondering if we were to move to an XML system for the user
interface why not go the next step and use Glade like Gnumeric and Abiword

Presumably there are downsides I'm not seeing but it isn't obvious
to me so please do let me know.

Does the phrase "total rework of the entire user interface" sound
appealing?  I think not, not when we're aiming to stabilize for 1.0
eventually.  GtkUIManager seems like it is a straightforward change of an
already fairly systematic part of Dia.  And even that I have at fairly low
priority, bug fixes and my short list of features way higher.  Changing a
half-dozen hand-crafted and carefully debugged UI designs into
autogenerated stuff is no easy task.  We've had one part already generated
by Glade, and it wasn't bugfree, far from it.


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