Compiling Dia under Windows2000

Greetings everyone,
I am new to this list, I need to make a Dia plugin for my company, so I
begin by compiling Dia in the environment it will be working.

I am actually having a hard time to run the Dia I compiled, I used the
packages listed here : and searched
for the lastest win32 versions of those that are not on this page (maybe
there are some versions I should not have used?).

Dia compiled correctly (I mean, it said no errors, only many warnings
and I got the dia.exe, libdia and others) with visual c++ 6 nmake and
the makefiles from the dia-installer page at sourceforge.
But, when I run it, it seems there are any missing files, and the errors
are not really clear (at the beginning, it says files, then I get null
pointer errors and other stuff i don't know exactly why).
So, I was wondering if someone made a list of all required files for Dia
to run (with the configuration files and dlls and everything...) under
Win32, so that I could make a makefile with all the required files
copied to the build/win32 directories.


PS : I hope my english could be understood by everyone...

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