Re: Feedback wanted: Autogap and mainpoints

Pontus Pihlgren wrote:

Autograb can be on all the time, if you don't like it while moving the
whole line, just press(and hold) the modification key to turn it of
I think this is a good idea.

If autograb is that easy to switch on and off, I would advise to have a simpler behaviour for it than in my previous mail: when it is on, any movement resulting in a line endpoint getting in the body (not a CP) of an object makes this object autograb the endpoint. This is the simplest behaviour I can think of.

In my previous mail, I was complaining about this autograb behaviour being too complicated. Now it can get quite simple.

If the user feels the autograbbing is not right, just press the modifier key et voila.

However I think this gets a little more complicated when it comes to implementing it: while the tool is dragging any object or line, it must remember the autograbbed line/objects and be able do undo/redo autograbbing these if the modifier key changes state. Dropping the line or object commits the autograbbing and the line gets connected to the object's mainpoint or lies in the body of the object ( depending on the autograbbing state ). In this schema, autograbbing applies to the selected set of object/lines being moved and the objects/lines "touching" the selected set (with "touching" meaning a line endpoint is in the body of an object).

As a first step it could be done only when a single object/line is dragged.

There is just this little problem : a few modifier keys are already used and there are not a lot of them. I lately used shift for handling arc resize in an other fashion. I think control is used for H/V only movement. Should we make these modifier behaviours configurable ?


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