Re: Feedback wanted: Autogap and mainpoints

On 2005-08-05, 10:33, Pontus Pihlgren wrote:
Hi all.

I am quite keen on "modification keys". That is; a keyboard key that
when pressed and hold modifies the behaviour of the mouse. In this case
I would like to see a modification key which turns of autograb. Read on
to see what it implies for the semantics below.

I think this is a good idea in general, and would like to see it implemented
in more places in Dia.

For example, I mostly want to use snap-to-grid, so I have it turned on by
default. However, sometimes I need to relax that (for example when circling
some interesting area in the diagram), and in that case it would be nice to
press a modification key and turn off snap-to-grid while the key is pressed.

Perhaps the "modification key" could be indicated in the menu beside the
shortcut (if any).

// Simon

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