Re: Animations

Le Mon, May 17, 2004, à 09:13:24AM -0500, Jon A. Solworth a écrit:

      Certainly if that works for PNG, it should work for any
of the output filters.

"hopefully". If you can get the same procedure to work on another
exporter, such as SVG, I'd be closer to be willing to say "certainly".

      But one of the reasons for using dia is the economy of actions in
accomplishing some task.  Basically, I'd like a command line option
that will perform the iteration you suggest above so that I can write
something like:

      dia $1.dia  --nosplash --export-to-format=fig -animate

and it will produce $1-1.fig, $1-2.fig, ..., $1-n.fig .

      Is there anything like this?  Does anyone want to implement it?  What
is the best way of specifying/implementing this?

To the best of my knowledge, there is nothing like this right now.

If you can have pydia up & running, and if pydia is able to manipulate
layers, I guess you can whack something together that way.

Otherwise, the way I would implement it (note the "would", I don't have
the time to do it now, even if bri^Whired for that) would be a pair of flags:
        --force-layers-off layer1,layer2,layer3,layer4,layer5,layer6
        --force-layers-on layer4,layer5
would leave you layer4 and 5 on, the rest off.

this way you can quickly select what you actually want off and on in a
quick shell script, without the need for dia to define what "animate"
really means (sometimes you'll want a specific layer to be always on,
etc. plus it's not very nice to impose layer names upon the user).

Should be a fairly easy beginner's job. 

        -- Cyrille

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