Re: chinese support glitches?

Kouhei Sutou wrote:
Dia seems to ignore key states such as Control, Alt
etc. (disp_callbacks.c -> ddisplay_canvas_events -> case
GDK_KEY_PRESS) So you can't activate XIM by Control + Space
and I can do by Shift + Space.

Please try to change activation key of XIM to Shift + Space
if you can.
You don't need use uim-xim. You can use uim-gtk. I could
input Chinese (but I don't know Chinese :<) by uim-py and

You can already input Chinese by uim which is activated
Shift + Space if you run dia in LANG=zh_CN*. Otherwise you
maybe need to select uim-py or uim-pyunihan from popup menu
-> Input Methods.
Congratulations for your patch! I followed your instructions and used
uim-gtk and your patch seems to work all right! I can finally input
chinese into DiaText!

There is a problem though. After trying uim-gtk once to input Chinese
characters into Dia once, my nautilus kept crashing so hard that I had
to delete quite a few gnome related dirs (.gnome .gnome2 .nautilus
etc)and it still didn't work, until I realized the only change was the
installation of uim-gtk; so everything is ok after I dpkg -P it.

Because all other chinese XIM I know of use "Ctrl + Space" to activate
(it's also the default under MS Windows) and I'd rather not change these
programs to use "Shift + Space"; as you have pinpointed where the issue
is, could you or someone other developer (Lars, is it your call? ;-))
change Dia to be able to detect "Ctrl + Space"; and I guess this is not
a very difficult job, right?

Ok, guys, thanks for you hard work on Dia, and if an agreement can be
reached regarding the support of chinese XIMs, I'd be very glad. 


Joseph H. Yao

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