Re: troubles compiling.

Hi Whitty,

please add some information for us to help you.

The origin of installed libpng: (Package or original tar ball?)

If you installed libpng package, I guess you haven't install
development package, libpng-dev package or something.

<200408270047 21922 whitty reeve com>
whitty reeve com wrote:

whitty>> I'm having troubles compiling .94, The only thing i could figure was, i didn't 
whitty>> have libpng, how ever, i installed that, and i still get problems. In file, 
whitty>> export_png.o there are a whole bunch of undefined references to several 
whitty>> different functions. Here is a the original error message from the first of 
whitty>> them:
whitty>> dia-0.94/app/export_png.c:138: undefined reference to 
whitty>> `png_create_write_struct'
whitty>> This happens to each one of these:
whitty>> png_create_info_struct
whitty>> png_destroy_write_struct
whitty>> png_init_io
whitty>> png_set_IHDR
whitty>> png_set_sBIT
whitty>> png_set_pHYs
whitty>> png_write_info
whitty>> png_set_shift
whitty>> png_set_packaging
whitty>> png_write_rows
whitty>> png_write_end
whitty>> png_destroy_write_struct
whitty>> Could somebody please point me in some direction?
whitty>> I had this same problem with cvs before .94 was released, but i didn't think 
whitty>> much of it. 
whitty>> Whitty.
    Takeshi Hamasaki
    E-mail: hma syd odn ne jp

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