Re: troubles compiling.

Simple logic could have figured out all your questions. OS: obvious, by the 
fact that i'm compiling it, it would be a *nix, now, that we have singled it 
down to a bsd (save darwin and a few others {i believe it's safe to say that i 
don't use them}) or linux. Does that matter? I doubt it. Second: Compiler: 
again, my error message i don't think spawns from a compiler error rather 
than a missing library. Ahh, but here comes the fun part, a second look at 
the requirements, it seems that my errors corresponds with libart, or a lack 
there of. I'll get back to this later. Now, back to your questions. Origin of 
installed libpng, What should that matter? Other than a error in either 
package building or from me installing it from source, but if you had looked 
at the error message i think you would have made the connection between 
libart and my error. Now back to libart, the link on the dia page for 
requirements is...not working, something is wrong with the linked page, it's 
an empty html document, i have googled for libart but have not seen another 
download location, any information would be appreciated.

Thank you for your time

On Sunday 29 August 2004 02:51, hma syd odn ne jp wrote:
Hi Whitty,

please add some information for us to help you.

The origin of installed libpng: (Package or original tar ball?)

If you installed libpng package, I guess you haven't install
development package, libpng-dev package or something.

<200408270047 21922 whitty reeve com>
whitty reeve com wrote:

whitty>> I'm having troubles compiling .94, The only thing i could figure
was, i didn't whitty>> have libpng, how ever, i installed that, and i still
get problems. In file, whitty>> export_png.o there are a whole bunch of
undefined references to several whitty>> different functions. Here is a the
original error message from the first of whitty>> them:
whitty>> dia-0.94/app/export_png.c:138: undefined reference to
whitty>> `png_create_write_struct'
whitty>> This happens to each one of these:
whitty>> png_create_info_struct
whitty>> png_destroy_write_struct
whitty>> png_init_io
whitty>> png_set_IHDR
whitty>> png_set_sBIT
whitty>> png_set_pHYs
whitty>> png_write_info
whitty>> png_set_shift
whitty>> png_set_packaging
whitty>> png_write_rows
whitty>> png_write_end
whitty>> png_destroy_write_struct
whitty>> Could somebody please point me in some direction?
whitty>> I had this same problem with cvs before .94 was released, but i
didn't think whitty>> much of it.
whitty>> Whitty.
    Takeshi Hamasaki
    E-mail: hma syd odn ne jp
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