Another newbie question time

1) For whatever reason the tool select box always defaults to the Select An Area option. Make a line then click to make another and I'm selecting an area. Click on draw a line, make the line, then click on draw the line again, repeat for every line I want to draw. Is there a reason it does not stay on the last option selected? Can I turn this on somewhere?

2) I want the ability to make a line in 3 segments (forgive me for not knowing the vocabulary) first goes right, then down, then left. I can turn off the arrows so that I can make 3 separate lines, but it seems as if I should be able to build the line in one action rather than 3 distinct ones. Am I missing this too? Hope I explained it clearly enough.

3) Easy way to toggle arrow on and off without clicking on the button and then changing the arrow type? A button for arrow on/off would be nice, unless there is a better way to make a 3 chuck line. The zigzag tool does not offer me the control to make the line where I want but places it where it thinks best.


Jim Clark

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