Spanish localization problems


I have a pair of problems with language localization using dia 0.94 on Win 98
Spanish. First, during installation I have chosen English language but
nevertheless text in menus, dialog boxes, etc appear in Spanish.
Second, in this Spanish version of the menu, the two items on both extremes
Archivo (File) and Ayuda (Help) begin with "A" and is this "A" which is
"active": underlined and used for Alt- key combinations. This is inconvenient
as Alt-A activates Archivo and Ayuda in alternation, so that there is a 1/2
chance that hitting Alt-A activates the wrong menu.

So, I would like to change to English language text. How could I do so?

Also, I would suggest to the person in charge of Spanish localization to change
something so that Alt- key menu activation becomes univocal.

OS Version:     4.10.2222 A (Second Edition)
OS Language:    0x2C0A: Spanish (Argentina)

Regards, Alejandro Jakubi

                                Alejandro S. Jakubi       
                                jakubi df uba ar              

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