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I've been communicating my color needs to a couple of list-guys and they suggest I share it with everybody as it may be an issue for more than just this lonely Dia newbie.

What I want is this:

I need the color selector palette to be certain colors. I want to change the default colors to a palette of colors I can use, and have it there every time I open Dia. I think GIMP offers palettes (I've read them on the GIMP list but had no interest there, so never paid any attention) and I wondered if there could be an easy way to either:
1) Change the default gtk settings (reading about that now but it is beyond my skill level, I AM NOT A PROGRAMMER!)
2) Load another palette somehow

I have a list of about 25 hex colors I must use for all flowcharts; I want to make my palette those colors and not have to think about it but just know that every color in the palette is an approved one.

Not knowing what the hell I'm talking about as a complete non (heck, almost anti) programmer, but couldn't the diarc file have some sort of palette settings that override the gtk defaults? This way I could change my palette to the colors of my choice, save it somehow, and then load it every time by default.

I kind of thought that's what those rc files were--custom settings individual to the program. I wouldn't mind if any other palettes (and I'm not sure where else I use them) had these colors, but having Dia have them would be most useful.

If anyone can point out a way a non-skilled Linux user could update whatever file holds these settings, or has an easy way from within Dia to save these settings, feel free! The files i have are written by gtk and warn me not to edit.

cat .gtkrc
include "/usr/share/themes/Bluecurve/gtk/gtkrc"

cat .gtkrc-1.2-gnome2
# Autowritten by gnome-settings-daemon. Do not edit
include "/usr/share/themes/Bluecurve/gtk/gtkrc"
include "/home/jimc/.gtkrc.mine"

That /usr/share/themes/Bluecurve/gtk/gtkrc offers no help about the color palette. I have a file called gtksettings but it too has nothing about colors in it.


Jim Clark

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