Re: Modifying properties of several objects at the same time

Daniele Pighin wrote:
Alle 14:41, domenica 26 ottobre 2003, Alan G Isaac ha scritto:

To change the properties of multiple objects in
a diagram, I like to be able to associate a style
with them.  The style defintion should be local
to the diagram.  Each object can then be associated
with a list of styles, which should cascade like
CSS style sheets do.  In the long run, I think any
other approach proves awkward.

I must say that Alan proposal is very very interesting.

I too agree that this was really a good idea about style, and one that would facilitate working with larger diagram needing consistent properties among elements.

However, I know that sometimes general rules need to be broken for strange reasons, so in that case I think that individual diagram elements also need to be able to override the general properties dictated by the applied style (perhaps without loosing the style association for the sake of the remaining properties).

In some cases styles could be an extra overhead that one doesn't want to be concerned about (smaller diagrams for example). For this reason I think that this functionality is orthogonal to the properties editing in general. Backward compatibility with current Dia files is also an issue here, I think. Perhaps is it a feature that should even wait until after a stable 1.0 is out?



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