Proposal: smarter grid snap

I was wondering wether it was possible to allow a monodirectional snap to the 
grid, that is, say, allow objects to snap horizontally but not vertically 
rather than the opposite. This would be a useful feature when you need to 
align objects in one direction but need flexibility in the other.
Also, as it is very common (at least, it is to me) to switch on/off grid snap, 
I was thinking about having a checkbox in the status bar of the diagram to 
enable/disable this feature. If monodirectional snap was implemented, a 
checkbox may be drawn next to the rulers to enable/disable snap relative to 
that direction.

I hope I haven't bothered you with this proposal.
If someone is going to reply to this message, please cc to "daniele at dcs dot 
it", as I'm not a subscriber of the ML.

Thanks for your kind attention


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