Re: Proposal: smarter grid snap

On 1 Oct 2003, Daniele Pighin wrote:

Hallo, I was wondering wether it was possible to allow a monodirectional
snap to the grid, that is, say, allow objects to snap horizontally but
not vertically rather than the opposite. This would be a useful feature
when you need to align objects in one direction but need flexibility in
the other.

There are several ways to get a similar effect in current Dia:

1) Set your grid to be smaller larger in one direction than in the other
   (cumbersome solution).
2) Use the Objects->Align menu items.
3) Use Ctrl-move to move in just one direction.

I don't foresee implementing monodirectional snap any time soon, though a
well-thought-out patch would be welcomed.  Note, though, that I would have
pretty high standards for the UI of it -- most people will just want a
normal grid, and they shouldn't be unduly hampered by this.

 Also, as it is very common (at least, it is to me) to switch
on/off grid snap, I was thinking about having a checkbox in the status
bar of the diagram to enable/disable this feature.

You're in luck, this feature has been added in the upcoming version 0.92.

If monodirectional snap was implemented, a checkbox may be drawn next to
the rulers to enable/disable snap relative to that direction.

See above.

I hope I haven't bothered you with this proposal.  If someone is going to
reply to this message, please cc to "daniele at dcs dot it", as I'm not a
subscriber of the ML.

I recommend you join the mailing list, at least as long as you're asking
questions on it.  Otherwise, your mails will be delayed.


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