Re: Print problem (win32?)

At 09:21 30.09.03 -0500, Ribeiro, Glauber wrote:

i just noticed that the dashed lines in my dia diagrams are printing as
solid lines! I'm using version 0.92-pre1, the Win32 installer version. Is
this a Windows only problem? Is there a fix?

No, but a bug report. Found by

component : dia
description : dashed


As noted in the bug report there would be an easy fix for NT
based systems (but the wmf output would get more complicated
for other importers, too). 
IMO the OS specific code should not be added to the wmf plug-in,
which is used for printing as well - as long as win9x based Dia 
is not officially dead. [It'll proably die at the same day as 
my small notebook :-]


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