Re: Silly question about C++

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From: "Lars Clausen"
Sent: Monday, November 24, 2003 11:47 AM

I've considered the problem several times (you're not the first to ask),
and my basic response is:  It's a big enough change that I don't want to do
it until after 1.0.
I totally agree with you. Such big changes cannot be planned until a
well-establihed starting point is reached.

I'm of the inclination that 1.0 should be released when I no longer feel I
have to apologize for anything in Dia.  Sure, some things may be nice to
add, but there are things (text rendering in particular) that are just too
shameful to call 1.0.  Once they are fixed, 1.0 can come out, and 1.1 might
be an experimental conversion to C++.
IMO, C++ can be particularly useful when defining interfaces, especially
where more new coding activity is expected. I see two candidate areas:
objects and StdProps. Moreover, at least in a first step, It could be a good
idea just to wrap existing code with C++ classes, in order to enable
(re)writing object plug-ins in C++. All this AFTER 1.0.

The worst problem I see with C++ as such is that it's easy to overuse
features and get unreadable code.  But then, using AHOOC is tricky, too.
Alas, there's no programming language that guarantees writing good quality


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