Re: End of feature freeze

On Sun, Nov 09, 2003 at 07:20:53AM -0600, Lars Clausen wrote:
I'll also put out roadplans for the most important changes, so interested
hackers can take their turn at improving Dia.

My personal wishlist, not necessarily for the next release:

short term:

- add a --size WxH command line option for generating PNGs,
  with both W and H being optional (= keep ratio)

- add a new arrow type (patch attached, needed for message
  flow diagrammes)

- allow dia to be used in a script (w/o the need for an X

long term:

- hyper-links between diagrammes (double-click an object in
  a diagram -> another diagram opens)

- some "project" support (e.g. having multiple diagrammes
  together as a project tree, similar to an IDE)

- make Dia objects (as an option to the user!) more
  "intelligent": E.g. an UML Realization" becomes
  red, if connecting an SDL state with a Network router...

other things, I'm not sure about:

- make Dia objects GObjects (helps me to understand Dia)

- integrate Python, so that objects can be written in
  Python instead of C

- create a, so that Dia could be used easily
  in other applications

- rewrite the main window stuff to use libglade, so that
  people can easily have their self-designed main window

Please flam^H^H^H^Hcomment.

W. Borgert <debacle debian org>

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