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On 19 Feb 2003, dialist wrote:

Date: 19 Feb 2003 12:29:14 -0800
From: dialist <pvspam-dialist hacklab net>
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To: dia-list gnome org
Subject: Re: Dia-list digest, Vol 1 #758 - 5 msgs

But inventing new extensions just
to convey whether  or not the file is compressed is not useful, given the
other variables.

We live in a legacy world. GNOME (KDE?) uses file extensions to
determine type, at least as far as I can tell (someone correct me if
wrong). I believe it goes so far as to use extension to determine MIME

Nautilus has an option to determine MIME type using 'file' but by default
it uses the filename extensions because it is faster.

It's ugly. I'd actually say given the current mess we're in to create a
new extension ".gzdia" or whatever, and fix it when filesystems actually
store MIME types with files. (We'd do away with extensions entirely at
that time, would we not?)

I like it when people agree with me.

Tim Ellis
Senior Database Architect
author, tedia2sql (


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