Re: direct text input for UML-message

On Tue, 11 Feb 2003, Hans Busch wrote:
I have some (more) long-term plans for UML that you might be able to
look into.  Ideally, all fields in objects should be editable in place.
One of the main things for 0.92 will be a separate text entry mode (ala
changing the name of files in file managers).  With that in place,
clicking on a field in a UML class should put you into edit mode for
that field, and TAB should send you to the next field.
Operation/attribute fields would need to be parsed, somehow (that's an
entirely different bucket of worms, too).
Class is quite an uggly monster. So I'd like to defer that for a while.

Agreed.  This also requires some more underpinnings.  Starting in, say, UML
Object may be more attractive.

It's a very good idea to make development agains the CVS version.  This
patch fails to apply on CVS.  If you're hesitant about using CVS, you
can pick up one of the prereleases recently announced on the list.
I based new features on a stable version to be sure that the bugs are
mine.  I'm willing to switch to 0.91-pre once the interfaces are stable,
so please tell me what's the right date. All the changes I saw in the UML
stuff at the first glance where just class name changes.

The changes were mostly about font handling.  But you can probably wait
till 0.91 is released, which shouldn't be too long now.


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