Re: Dia and UML2


rounded rect looks sth like this:

renderer_ops->fill_rounded_rect(renderer,&p1,&p2, &GOAL_BG_COLOR, elem->height/2.0); renderer_ops->draw_rounded_rect(renderer,&p1,&p2, &GOAL_FG_COLOR, elem->height/2.0);

have a look in "diarenderer.h" to get familiar with the drawing primitives


Marc-Philippe Huget wrote:

Hi all,

Is there something planned to move Dia to UML2? I try to add some icons
but I have a big problem with the round-cornered rectangle, this is my
first test :-( Do you know how to render it in Dia?

Thanks in advance,

Marc-Philippe Huget

Agent Applications, Research and Technology Group
Department of Computer Science
University of Liverpool
Chadwick Building, Peach Street
L69 7ZF Liverpool
United Kingdom

email: mph csc liv ac uk

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