Re: Some issues

On Mon, 2003-12-08 at 14:42, Lars Clausen wrote:
If you're asking for something that'll invoke TeX inside Dia, it doesn't
exist yet.  An implementation would certainly be welcome -- dvips can do
EPS output which would be usable for getting the results back into Dia.  I
won't have time to look at it this side of Christmas.


        This would be the ultimate, especially if matched with
a text area in which you could type in and edit the text (like
in a spreadsheet).  (So that their would be a text based and
display based versions of labels, also so the text would be more
readable even at small sizes or low contrast colors).

        But there should be easier things to do that would
get the same output (if not user experience).  xfig export
is a little broken and metapost doesn't do color.  A pdf+latex
overlay [two separate files] would be nice (or almost as nice

        Dia is a pleasure to work with for drawing things, and
its capability here is undergoing constant improvement.  So its
a bit frustrating when one can't get the export to look reasonable.

thanks for your tolerance and a great tool,
Jon A. Solworth                         
Computer Science Dept. (M/C 152)        url:
University of Illinois at Chicago       telephone: (312) 996-0955
851 S. Morgan Rm 1120 SEO               FAX:       (312) 413-0024
Chicago, IL 60607-7053

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