Some issues

        I just join the dia list.  Dia is a great tool and
I use it both to prepare papers and projector slides (using
pdflatex and texpower/foiltex).  But I have some problems with
using the export filters.

        1. I would like the diagrams to have latex formated
             text (so I can do math mode) in color.  I have not
             been able to find an adequate means of doing this.

        2. FAQ number 24 is incorrect.  It implies (at least
                    makes no mention) that latex typesetting works in
             any export filter, which is of course incorrect.

Jon A. Solworth                         
Computer Science Dept. (M/C 152)        url:
University of Illinois at Chicago       telephone: (312) 996-0955
851 S. Morgan Rm 1120 SEO               FAX:       (312) 413-0024
Chicago, IL 60607-7053

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