Re: Some issues

"Jon A. Solworth" <solworth parsys cs uic edu> writes:

      I just join the dia list.  Dia is a great tool and
I use it both to prepare papers and projector slides (using
pdflatex and texpower/foiltex).  But I have some problems with
using the export filters.

      1. I would like the diagrams to have latex formated
           text (so I can do math mode) in color.  I have not
           been able to find an adequate means of doing this.

A work around could be to save to Xfig-format and then use fig2dev (or
equivalently open the file in xfig and export) to make a tex file.
There are many varieties of tex to choose from, but since you seem to
prefer pdflatex I recommend whats called "Combined PDF/LaTeX" in Xfig.
Using fig2dev you have to run it twice, once for the pdf part (pdftex)
and once for the tex part (pdftex_t, you need to specify the
pdffilename to fig2dev). Check the man page for details. 

There is one catch though. In the fig-files exported from Dia fonts
are not specified to latex fonts. This can be fixed by this perl
oneliner (not heavily tested):

perl -p -e 's/^(4( \S+){4}) \S+(( \S+){2}) 4/$1 0$3 2/;' 

Another catch is that the font family choosed in Dia wont be used.
(This seems to fail in the normal usage of Xfig export as well.)

                - Mårten
mail: msv kth se *** ICQ: 4356928 *** mobile: +46 (0)707390385

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